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Curchod, Corentin. 2002b. "Diversity-Oriented Research. Between Complexity and Generality". COMPASSS WP Series 2002-4. Published online 19 November 2002.
Available from: http:\\\wpseries\Curchod2002b.pdf.

Abstract: This paper is NOT a working paper. This is a few notes I took while reading Charles Ragin's book on Fuzzy-Set (Ragin [2000]. "Fuzzy-Set Social Science", Chicago: The University of Chicago Press). I also selected a few quotations from the book, which seem useful to me. They appear in the text with a left borderline. Please do not quote this document, and check the original book before reusing quotations.

Curchod, Corentin. 2002a. "La méthode comparative en sciences de gestion : Vers une approche quali-quantitative de la réalité managériale". COMPASSS WP Series 2002-3. Published online 8 November 2002.
Available from: http:\\\wpseries\Curchod2002a.pdf.

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Berg-Schlosser, Dirk. 2002. "Macro-Quantitative vs Macro-Qualitative Methods in the Social Sciences - Testing Empirical Theories of Democracy". COMPASSS WP Series 2002-2. Published online 5 November 2002.
Available from: http:\\\wpseries\BergSchlosser2002.pdf.

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Schneider, Carsten and Claudius Wagemann. 2002. "How to Draw Causal Inference (Despite) Using QCA: the 'Two-Step, Multi-Equation FS/QCA Approach'". COMPASSS WP Series 2002-1. Published online 31 October 2002.
An updated version is available as WP 2005-35.

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