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We maintain two bibliographies of publications involving configurational comparative methods, a WorldCat listing for books and a Zotero database for journal articles. If you use Zotero and wish to add the database to your installation, please visit the group page and click the "Join" button on the group page. You will first need to log into your Zotero account.

Updates to the bibliographies are made regularly, but it is impossible for us to keep track of all CCM-related publications. Any notification regarding recently published work is therefore most welcome. Please note that working drafts, theses and dissertations, and other unpublished work are not included. At this time, we also do not include conference presentations.

Note: We are currently in the process of transitioning to Zotero as our database of journal articles. The previous bibliographic listing runs through 2016 and is no longer updated. New publications are added only to the Zotero database. If you would like to assist with importing earlier publications into Zotero, please email Claude Rubinson.© - Page last modified 24.03.2016 15:56:54